About Known Motors

Mission Statement

To build a society in which everyone feels comfortable to live on the creative edge of their own imagination.

Mason Polston is a graduate of McPherson College with a major in Automotive Restoration. Before starting Known Motors, Mason was employed as a restoration technician at Grand Prix Classics in San Diego, CA, as well as a restoration technician at Odyssey Restorations in Spring Lake Park, MN. 

In 2022, Mason returned to McPherson, Kansas, and opened Known Motors with the intent of serving the rotary engine community. Known Motors has since expanded to offer a variety of services, including vapor honing, rotary engine rebuilding, RX7 parts sales, the restoration and service of classic Mazdas, and a vendor for Renewable Lubricants.

Vapor Honing

With our Vapor Honing Technologies blasting cabinet, we can give parts a non-aggressive surfacing process that can be used on all non-ferrous metals and plastics. Vapor blasting uses a mixture of water and abrasive media to remove dirt, contaminants, rust, corrosion, and old paint while gently cleaning the surface. The result is a high-quality finish, even on delicate surfaces.

Rotary Engine Rebuilds 

The Wankel Rotary Engine is a hallmark of modern engineering and Mazda’s most prominent icon. We can rebuild and modify your rotary engine to better than new specifications. 

Rx7 Parts

We have a large selection of quality used Mazda Rx-7 Parts for sale here on our website. We will ship to anywhere in the United States.

Mazda Restoration and Service 

Our professionally trained restoration technicians specialize in the restoration, repairs, and maintenance of classic Mazda Automobiles. 

Renewable Lubricants

Renewable Lubricants is the leader in high-quality, environmentally friendly engine and premix oils. They are a great choice for any rotary engine. We recommend their products to all of our customers and anyone looking for a superior alternative to petroleum-based oils. 

Our Partner: Regal Powder Coating 

Regal Power Coating works alongside us and offers powder coating and Cerakote for automotive parts and firearms.

"My dream is to build race cars dressed in silk that are street legal though probably shouldn't be" -Mason

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