BIG Update 4-18-24

BIG Update 4-18-24

Alot has happened at the shop since our last blog post. Six months ago we had our official grand opening, since then the 13B swapped pickup has been completed and on the road for over a thousand miles now. Next up for the pickup is to install electronic 6 port actuators and a limited slip rear end. 

We attempted the resurrection of a 1984 Rx-7 that had been abandoned for nearly 30 years, unfortunately, the chassis rust was too severe to justify repairing and the engine was not in usable condition. It has since been parted out and has helped keep other Rx-7s on the road. 

We completed a five speed transmission swap on the Toyota Chinook in February and said goodbye as it went to its new home in Colorado. 

We started a project rebuilding the engine from a Rx-8 in March and upon tearing the engine down we discovered it needed all new bearings and two new irons. We have started the engine rebuilding process as parts begin to roll in. 

The shop has acquired a lathe this month and we are currently in the process of making it operational. This is a much needed addition to our shop.

We are happy to announce that we are now a vendor for Renewable Lubricants, we have been using their engine and premix oils in our own vehicles for a long time and we highly recommend them for anyone looking for a carbon neutral oil. 

We have begun planning stage two of the rotary MGB-GT project; more to come on that later!

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